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Why Do I Need Mobile Phone

  • Over 100,000 mobile phone repairs are carried out every week
  • Over 40 mobiles phones are stolen every day
  • Half of street crime involves a mobile phone
  • 80% of household insurance policies do not adequately cover mobile phones

If your mobile phone is damaged or stolen this could cost you hundreds of Euros as well as causing a lot of inconvenience, stress and hassle. Without mobile phone insurance you could be liable for the following costs:

a) Repairing your mobile phone

You may believe that damaging your phone is unlikely yet the most common ground of insurance claims today are drops and knocks resulting in external and internal damage... there are thousands of these incidents each week! Do you remember the last time you accidentally dropped your phone? A colour screen alone can cost €200.00 to replace. You need to consider the costs involved, for example:

  • Replacing your handset screen, you will be likely to pay €200+ for a colour screen and around €100 for a mono screen
  • Liquid damage is irreparable

b) Replacing your mobile phone

“A huge surge in mobile phone theft has resulted in 40 mobile phones being reported stolen every day”, according to the Justice Minister Michael McDowell. With growing trends toward increasing crime for theft of handsets, better quality phones and longer airtime contracts, cover against theft has never been more important. According to the “National Mobile Phone Crime Unit” current crime statistics reveal that a mobile telephone is stolen in about half of all street crime and, in approximately a third of cases, it is the only property stolen. Replacing your mobile phone could cost you €300 plus, dependent on brand and technology.

c) The remainder of your contractual agreement, if a contract customer

When you initially took out your contract with your network you signed for a minimum 12/18/24-month period. Your mobile phone is your responsibility, not the networks. Therefore, your network will continue to bill you for your monthly line rental. This could easily be €100 plus e.g. if you have 6 months left of your contract period and your line rental is €30.00 per month this would equate to €180.00.